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MULTIVAC is an experienced manufacturer of automation solutions. With our comprehensive understanding of your products and their requirements, we develop solutions for a variety of packaging and automation tasks - from a single process step to a complete solution. As a full-range supplier, we develop and install the solution and provide servicing when necessary.

Complete solutions from a full-range supplier

We not only offer an extensive range of our own system components, but are also experienced engineering partners who integrate the modules of other manufacturers. Our range of services also include comprehensive servicing of the solution throughout its entire life cycle.

Discharge and transport

MULTIVAC offers a variety of solutions for the discharge of packs from a packaging machine and the transport to downstream processes. Our modules for the transport, channeling and alignment of packs ensure an efficient and continuous product flow. The discharge of reject packs can be integrated into every sub-process.Our solutions for transport and discharge can be installed as part of an automated packaging line or can be integrated into existing equipment.

Our offer includes:

  • Transport
  • Converging
  • Orientation
  • Discharge of reject packs
  • Transfer to downstream processes

Loading primary packages

MULTIVAC offers precise and hygienic loading solutions for solid, sliced or minced products, granulates, powders as well as for soft, pasty and liquid products. They are available as a part of an automated packaging line or can be integrated in existing equipment.

Our offer includes:

  • filling
  • loading
  • dosing
  • monitoring the loading process
  • feeding in supplements

Outer packaging

MULTIVAC outer packaging solutions are suitable for many applications, such as thermoform packs, trays, boxes, film pouches, tubular pouches, plastic containers, etc. Thus they can be used for foodstuffs and non-food articles, as well as life science and health products.

Our flexible toploading and sideloading solutions can erect, load and close a wide range of case styles and formats - from small display boxes to large transport boxes. The products can be packed into regular slotted containers (RSC) and shelf ready packs (SRP).

Due to their outstanding infeed and outfeed flexibility, our case packing solutions are designed to fit almost any production line layout. The product infeed can be customised to satisfy different customer requirements. Also, many different closing options are available, from external closing to integrated taping and hot melt systems.

MULTIVAC case packing solutions can be installed as a part of an automated packaging line or integrated into existing equipment.

Our offer includes:  

  • Transport
  • Box erection
  • Loading boxes
  • Closing boxes
  • Box labelling
  • Box inspection
  • Discharge of reject boxes
  • Transfer to downstream processes"


Robot-based palletising solutions offer maximum flexibility, reliability and cost efficiency. MULTIVAC‘s wide product range enables a perfect modular adaptation to your requirements with regard to different products, capacities, footprint and the connected processes. Our palletising solutions can operate with the widest range of plastic and cardboard boxes, both as single items and stacks, and also individual and pre-grouped packs, as well as a large range of pallet sizes. The software also enables operators, who are not specially trained, to produce a wide variety of palletising patterns.

MULTIVAC‘s palletising systems can be installed as a part of an automated packaging line or integrated into existing systems.

Our offer includes:

  • Pallet handling
  • Box handling
  • Loading pallets
  • Labelling pallets
  • Stretch-wrapping
  • Transfer to downstream processes"


Product handling

MULTIVAC develops and installs solutions for handling products which increase efficiency and ensure an optimal product flow. Our portfolio ranges from simple transport conveyors to complete lines. With our many years of experience, our know-how and our extensive range of services, we support you with comprehensive service.

Our offer includes:

  • Transfer
  • Infeed
  • Buffering
  • Pre-grouping
  • Product inspection
  • Inspection of packaging materials
  • Discharge of reject products and material"